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deep south Valley Covid Cleaning and disinfecting servicesDepending on your specific needs, we provide an infection control plan that will get your premises back to being as safe as possible.

If you are unsure if we provide the specific services you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We often provide services that the general public have need of, but may use language or descriptions for these services that are not as widely known.

A range of infectious virus outbreaks can happen anywhere; from offices, schools, care homes to factories and food production premises. High-quality hygiene standards are necessary to prevent the spread of infections, but should the worst happen, you need to call a specialist cleaning company. In that instance, one of the most effective solutions for infection control cleaning is our fogging services.

Why choose DSES?

We ensure that we give our clients the best decontamination service by making use of sophisticated and specialised cleaning equipment whilst maintaining a strict adherence to the World Health Organisation’s rules and guidelines.

You can rely on DSES to keep your business covid-compliant as we believe that the continued proactive effort to prevent the spread of further infections is the only way to move forward in these trying times.

Here at DSES we adhere to a strict colour-coding of the materials and products we use to prevent cross-contamination. The disinfectants we use for our decontamination services are non-toxic and pet friendly. We will also provide you with a certificate of decontamination once your site is fully decontaminated.

If you suspect your premises or staff may be at risk from infection from the Coronavirus, call us today and we will arrange a site visit and quotation at your earliest convenience. We can then carry out the disinfection of your premises to the necessary standards to help prevent any further spread of the coronavirus.


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